December 2015

Don't dismiss body aches as gas pain..

Don't dismiss body aches as gas pains

What is Lynch Syndrome

What is Lynch Syndrome?

Megan Tucker on Lynch Syndrome Awareness

Megan Tucker is doing great things to spread awareness of Lynch syndrome in Canada. This is a great video where she explains what it is like to be a young ‪#‎Lynchsyndrome‬ cancer survivor.

Megan Tucker knows about cancer stigma

Ever wonder how your money is being used?

how your money is being used

Cancer Stats Sound Alarm Bell

Cancer stats sound alarm bell

What I learned from Cancer by Dennis Maione

What I learned from cancer

Energy106FM commercial

ENERGY106FM hope we can meet the energy you put into this commercial for ‪#‎kickbutt2015‬ see you on Sept. 10, 2016

WPR1597 Sept 12.amr

2015's walk in memory of Lara-Lea Avery

This year's walk is dedicated to the memory of Lara-Lea Avery former spokesperson and ‪#‎kickbutt2015‬ advocate

'Kicking butt' a personal cause

10 things to know about lynch syndrome

You may have heard of Lynch syndrome, but many people wonder, what exactly is this disease?
The Mayo Clinic defines Lynch syndrome as an inherited condition that increases your risk of colon cancer and other cancers. Because Lynch syndrome is hereditary, families with a history of this disease tend to have more cases of colon cancer than would typically be expected.
This infographic by
Myriad gives us the basics on what you need to know about Lynch syndrome, and why knowing your family medical history is so important.


Passing the torch

passing the torch