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Cancer stats sound alarm bellWhipped into shape, no butts about it'Kicking butt' a personal causePassing through big colon a real gas

Listen to our 2010 CJOB ad featuring Lara-Lea Avery:

Advocacy In the Press 

Lara-Lea Avery and Dave Nash were on CJOB with Geoff Courier   click here to listen

2009 Kick Butt co-chair Don Hutton on CJOB advocating for Avastin funding in Manitoba
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The Winnipeg Sun’s Ian Shanley’s Sun Speaks radio style interview with co-chair Sid Chapnick about the 2008 Kick Butt Run

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Giant Colon Tour hits Garden City:
Take a walk through a colon

Want more information on the Giant Colon Tour? Click Here:

'She's a pistol'
Rationing of cancer drugs defies 'duty of care'
Drug too costly for colon cancer patients
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